Hey there!

I am Krati, a still life photographer, set stylist and a food writer. Just like you all, I am a self taught baker and a home cook. What started as a hobby is now my full-time work! It all started back in the UK some half a decade ago.

While I was looking for work, in my free time I started tinkering around with the recipes, baked my first bread and my first Madeira cake! First book I borrowed from Harrogate library was Mary Berry’s ‘Cook Now, Eat Later’ and that changed my life! I got hooked onto baking, especially bread got my attention the most. Although with full time work, I became quite irregular with blogging but whenever I got a chance, I did share my work.

Now, there is no looking back! I am hungry (pun intended!) to cook and bake more. I have a desire to learn more about different cultures, their food, techniques and recipes. There is so much to see and learn in our diverse world.


Photography happened out of necessity. I started learning and practising still life photography, understanding basics, editing techniques and most importantly light and composition.  It’s been such an interesting journey so far that the deeper I delve into the world of photography, I feel that I have only scratched the surface.

About my cooking and baking styles:

I grew up in India and Indian food is very close to my heart. Another reason why I started cooking, was to recreate my family’s recipes as I used to miss the taste of home when I moved to England. So, my love for spices is quite strong and it reflects in my cooking too. I also took influences from English cuisine during my stay and I have grown quite fond of English food. English breakfast, sausage rolls, pastises, Sunday roast with Yorkshire puds, quiches, pies and more! And a huge range of cakes! So, now living in Netherlands I miss not just Indian food, but English food as well. One thing you will often notice in my food is my emphasis on using local and seasonal produce wherever possible. Supporting local businesses is core to my personal ethics as I have always believed in a community spirit.

One crucially important thing about my food styling (because I’ve been asked this many times) - I don’t use those tricks that make food inedible. Food waste is a big problem and I strongly support the organisations working towards creating awareness around that.

Thanks for taking time to read through my story! And I will see you around, bye for now!